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David Farough | Talent Coach

Experienced - Professional

Over 30 years as an On-Air Personality, Program Director, Talent Coach, General Manager and VP- Brands & Content with major media companies.

I've worked with some of the most successful personalites in the industry- John Derringer, Dean Blundell, Maureen Holloway, "Fearless" Fred Kennedy, Wille Percy, Jeff Brown, Tucker and Taz, Kim Mitchell and many others.

Your podcast will generate more "buzz", bigger audiences, more downloads and more $$$.

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You'll Learn to Create More Entertaining Podcast Content

Learn to Build a Detailed Audience Profile

Conduct Better Interviews

Use Your Voice Effectively

Improve the Structure and Production for Better Flow from Beginning to End

Personal One-On-One Sessions

No boring videos or canned courses!

Better Content = Bigger Audiences = $$$ 


David Farough | Talent Coach

Podcasting & Live Audio Streaming (Radio)