some of the many happy clients

Mac Prichard, host, Find Your Dream Job

 I love Dave's focus on the needs of the listener and his practical advice about interviewing. He also knows how to improve a program's structure and flow. Because of Dave's help, I've seen my audience grow, the quality of my show go way up, and I'm a much better host and interviewer. 

Lisa Cypers Kamen - Harvesting Happiness


Dave and I have been working together to take my nine plus year- old podcast to “the next level.”  He’s been instrumental in helping our team streamline content, enrich production value, and diversify into new digital media markets.  

Dave is a seasoned radio and podcast professional. He’s an absolute delight to work with, creative, talented, and provides a great ROI on the investment. Dave over delivers and takes great pride in his valuable work. 

If you are seeking to up your game as a host or producer Dave is the guy you want on your team!”

Jordan Harbinger



Dave is really good at kicking you in the ass with just the right amount of “boot”.  His points about structuring the episodes to start and end stronger, creating better flow in and out of sponsor mentions and just getting to the action quicker have definitely improved my podcast.  My interviews have also gotten better- tighter questions and I’m listening ‘harder” to the answers.  

I’ve been doing this for 12 years, but am always looking for ways to improve.  Dave’s years of experience working with talent at all levels has been really helpful. Great value for the money.  5 Star Rating and a definite “recommend” .

Nick Loper- Side Hustle Nation


Even with 5 years of podcasting under my belt, I knew I had plenty of room for improvement — and the growth of the show had plateau'd. Since The Side Hustle Show is such an important part of my business and brand I should have made this coaching investment WAY sooner! 

Dave's suggestions all worked within the existing structure of the show, so I was happy not to have to make any loyal-listener-jarring overhauls, but were more subtle tips from the world of terrestrial radio I could apply right away. It was extremely helpful to have an unbiased 3rd party give honest feedback on the show and offer ideas on how to improve the flow and listener experience.

And perhaps most importantly, the show is showing signs of growth again in terms of the number of downloads.

Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey; Resource Group Podcast


Dave is an outstanding coach who has helped me to transform the format, content and pace of my podcast. I have never been happier and my audience are more engaged and have shared their enthusiasm. Not only is the content more appealing for my audience, but I have a much clearer direction for each episode and I’m getting more downloads than ever before. Each session has been extremely valuable.  

Dave is really good at explaining concepts and his style is positive, energetic and inspiring. It really feels like the podcast is gaining momentum.  

These coaching sessions have been a great investment

Daniel Bauer- Better Leaders Better Schools


Working with Dave has helped me make an important shift . Together we have unearthed the subtle ways the show is serving me instead of my tribe. This work is hard and emotional, but it is the right work. 

I have experienced success prior to working with Dave, but with the changes I am currently making I fully expect to create a show so good, my listeners will connect emotionally and share with their friends and colleagues. 

Coach Dave has helped me take my podcast to the next level. It's a win-win for me and my listeners. 

Blair Henatyzen- Host- Classic Rock 98.1


I've known Dave for the better part of my 13+ year broadcasting career. I can honestly say, in that time of both working for him and working with him, there is no better person to have in your corner. His knowledge, insight, and passion for great radio is always on display. He gets it; and in shrinking industry of people who actually do, his services are that much more valuable. Thank you, Dave, for doing what you do and doing it so well. My listeners appreciate it.

Jenn Swanson- Careers by Jenn


Working with David has been a great experience. His expertise has helped me restructure my podcast and already I am noticing a difference in downloads and in opt-ins for the courses and programs I offer. Dave's notes after our coaching sessions are excellent too and help me to progress with what comes from each session before we meet the next time. If you want to take your podcast to the next level, I would definitely recommend Dave's coaching!

Craig Burgess- Get Things Done


Dave hit it off immediately with me when he offered the simplest of advice over an email that completely changed how my voice sounded on my podcast. Since then, Dave has been providing similar nuggets of amazing advice every time we get together for a coaching session.

His knowledge with the radio industry has really helped me elevate my podcast to a more professional level. Best of all, people are reacting to my podcast better than they ever have done. 

Dave’s knowledgable and a thoroughly nice chap—a lethal combination that’s helping my podcast improve week on week.


Keith Carlson- The Nurse Keith Show


 “As a professional podcaster, I'm always looking to grow as a podcast host and improve the quality of my show. David skillfully helped me to streamline my approach, hone my main message, cut extraneous material, restructure some aspects of the podcast, and consider how to continue to leverage my success and create an even better podcast for my audience. I recommend David's services to any podcaster wishing to take their show to the next level!”

James Newcomb-


David Farough is a consummate professional, a seasoned veteran in the field of radio who will certainly take any podcaster to the next level with his guidance. I highly recommend getting to know him and listening to what he has to say!

Bryan Caporicci- Business of Photography


Amazing! Thanks Dave! Really looking forward to these sessions- feeling a lot of clarity already!

William Winterton- Market Disrupter's


After working with David for just a couple months, he has improved the quality of my podcast 10X! I feel like he has taken my show to the next level, and I am incredibly optimistic about where I will be a year from now.

Joey V. Price- Business, Life & Coffee


Our weekly sessions are very helpful.  Dave is great at explaining the concepts and my podcast keeps getting better.  It's the one call I will not miss each week!

Fearless Fred - 102.1 the edge- Toronto


Dave is great at making you believe in yourself. He was there every step of the way. When we were slacking, he called us on it.  When we could do better, he let us know.  We never left a session feeling defeated. We would leave excited to go back into the studio and do an even better show the next day. As an announcer that positivity is crucial!

Chelsea and Tony Northrup- Picture This


It's so nice to hear an experienced assessment of our work from an outsiders perspective. You make a great point about us "hitting the ditch" often and I knew exactly what you were talking about as soon as you mentioned it.  Both of us are self-taught presenters and really benefit from having the feedback of experienced broadcaster. 

Scott Pettigrew- Acadia Broadcasting


Dave was able to quickly build a rapport with our announcers and draw great insights from them on what the listener is looking for.

Jay Herrington- 98.1 The Bridge


From the freshman to the seasoned veteran, we all need a refresher from time to time to rid ourselves of bad habits - and create good ones. Dave goes beyond the reminders of what we're doing wrong and what we can do to ‘make it better.’ His insight allowed our morning show to focus more on who our core audience is and what they need/want to hear. Dave is definitely one of the good ones.

Paul Larsen- Clear Sky Radio


Every once in a while, the right person appears in your life at the exact moment you need them. That's exactly what happened with David Farough and Clear Sky Radio.  David is a teacher and mentor more so than a "consultant". No bag of tricks - No pre-determined agenda.  When Dave left the market, our whole building was buzzing with enthusiasm for our new direction.

John Cassaday; Retired Founding CEO-Corus Entertainment


Strong conceptual skills- he sees things as they could be and then moves towards that vision. Talent savvy- able to identify talent, attract them and nurture them. Understands the business side of radio

Brad Phillips-VP-Corus Radio Western Canada


Strategist, leader, creator, tactician and ambassador-of not only his stations, but of all things radio!

Mindy Williamsom- Classic Rock 98.1- London


Dave has been fantastic in helping us take our morning show to the next level.   Combined, we have many years of experience, and Dave has helped us open our thinking, work better together and focus our content in a new way.  Dave's approach especially works well with 'creative types', with lots of honesty, mixed with a healthy dose of positive reinforcement and critical feedback.  We've noticed an increase in the number of listeners who call to take part in our show, and they tell us they are hooked now!  Highly recommended for both developing and experienced talent.  Many, many thanks!  

Ted Roop- Program Director- Bell Media


Dave is not only very knowledgable about programming and gave us really good ideas to grow the station- he's also a great coach.  I was a little hesitant at first, but my team and I felt very comfortable working with him, learned a lot and had fun through the process.


Diana Meder- 92.3 The Dock


Thank you Dave! We were inspired, if I can use the term. We are excited to get back to work and apply your ideas. Thanks again, look forward to working with you to make this a success!  

Andy Captain - Morning Show Host - Country 105


"For the first 4 years of my radio career, I struggled to find a mentor that could help take me to the next level as a radio personality. Luckily, I managed to come across Dave Farough. His approach to coaching is one that's easy to understand and you're guaranteed to get better. He's also very good at catering sessions to the person he's working with. Whether you're a beginner, or a seasoned vet, Dave is the guy that's going to help you take your skills to the next level."