A Podcasters #1 Complaint? no feedback!


Consistency is Key!

Sessions are 30 minutes each and conducted by phone, Skype or Google Duo.  They are booked at your convenience (weekly, bi-weekly, once per month) to review a recent podcast, discuss challenges you're having, talk about interview techniques, how to find better guests, improve the overall flow of the episodes, etc.  Regular constructive feedback is the key to success! 

Start with a "Positive"

Every Podcast features things you do well- let's celebrate those!  We'll also point out a few things to work on. You'll leave each session feeling inspired to do your best podcast.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you're not completely satisfied, you don't pay!  

A FREE Introductory Call

Let's start by getting to know each other. I offer a FREE 30 minute call to talk more about the process and your expectations.

SOME of the many Topics Covered

  • A Deep Understanding of Your Target Audience
  • The Journey from Host to "Personality"
  • The 5 Things Listeners Really Care About
  • Push My Emotional "Hot-Buttons"
  • Proper Podcast Structure and Flow
  • The Best Interview Question Ever!
  • Why you should NEVER say "Hey Everybody!"

Following each session, you receive detailed notes to keep on file.  And, as a BONUS, I send you Podcast News You Can Use- weekly emails with research, industry trends, tips and tricks, etc. I promise not to over-load your inbox!

The Cost?

I know budgets are tight so rates are reasonable. And, I charge in Canadian Dollars - an automatic 20% discount for my American clients.

***Sessions also available early mornings Monday - Friday (6am -8am eastern), weekday evenings (after 6pm) and weekends (premium fee applies)

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